Things you must know about dynamics 365 consultants’ certifications and salary

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll solutions

It is proven through the survey of Nigel Frank that most of the employees got a boost in salary after getting the Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications.

According to the survey, 74% of Microsoft Dynamics professionals believe that understanding business acumen makes you more attractive to employers.

It clearly shows that even employers are interested in people with a deeper understanding of the tool. Now, imagine the level of knowledge and experience any Dynamics 365 consultant may offer. This makes all of the Dynamics consultants’ certifications more attractive for employees and employers. 

Certifications of Dynamics 365

No doubt, if you look deeper, you will find many types of certifications. However, the most common right now are:

In case you are trying to improve your skills or want to understand sales better, help businesses clarify and operationalize their selling process. 

Then, this certification is for you. 

As a consultant of Dynamics 365 service functional consultant associate, you can now build CS solutions. These solutions are designed to be fast and agile and offer the complete power of AI to drive actionable insights. 

This certification will give you more margin to build better CS solutions. 

Yes, you must pursue this certification if you are interested in configuring resources, inventory integration, service agreements, incidents, scheduling, work orders, field service user roles, and field service settings.

Once you give the exam, you will not only get raise in your salary but also help you with skill improvement. 

If you need to understand better the marketing principles, priorities, common initiatives, standards, and methodologies, this certification is for you.

It will help you offer consultancy to the businesses and help them elevate their real marketing game using the best of Dynamics 365

Salaries of the Dynamics 365 consultants

Generally, the average salary of the Dynamics 365 consultant is around $135,000 per year or $61.54 per hour. 

As per Glassdoor, the following are the current job opening with the average salary offer as shown in the images below. 

How to become a Dynamics 365 Consultant?

If you want to become a Dynamics 365 consultant, you need to understand that Microsoft offers a vast number of certifications. You need to choose your expertise before you get the training and exam for specific certifications. 

Once you get the training, you must start preparing for the exam. Each certification has different exams. You can find the information on the Microsoft page. Moreover, you need to get training from an authentic institute as it is a high step for your career.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the people with certifications of the consultants will be salaried better. Besides, if you are already a developer, it will certainly impact your salary graph directly. If you get support from your company, there is no better offer. 

If you don’t have any support from your company, you will still benefit greatly from the Dynamics 365 consultant certifications

Once you have the skill and certification, you can start giving interviews and showcasing your skills. 


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