Get most out of D365: Tips and tricks

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Do you like a quick win? Well, in the times of technology, it comes easily. Moreover, as complex systems and software get, we all look for the tools that can help us get high on revenue graphs through productivity and efficiency. 

This is the reason many businesses are moving towards Dynamics 365.

Elders announced its 5-year contract with Microsoft.

microsoft companyElders has been a significant agribusiness in rural Australia since 1839, emphasizing assisting individuals with their agricultural businesses.

Recently, the corporation has made headlines for abandoning SAP in favor of Dynamics 365. It is a significant step. Elders has signed a five-year deal to modernize their client experience.

As the CEO of Elders, Mark Allison states: 

“Australia is in a quantum change period for technology infrastructure. With innovations transforming the broader agriculture sector, we also need to ensure that our systems provide us with a platform for future growth.”

Now, the decision is one thing, but the user experience has to be another level of challenge. 

Tricks and Tips for Dynamics 365

Moving to Dynamics 365 for an improved experience can be tricky if you are a company like Elders. So, here are some of the tricks to help you through the process.

Within a Dynamics 365 instance, you can manage one or more businesses and access item information using two different identities. The item number serves as the unique identifier for company-level information (all aspects) about items. 

In contrast, the product number serves as the unique identifier for enterprise-level information (only a few elements) about products.

Without writing any code or switching screens, Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a feature that lets you import and export files into the solution. 

Additionally, because the imported/exported data is actually dynamic, unlike in the past when only static data could be transmitted, you may now interact with it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 now offers custom controls, which let businesses add visuals to data entry areas. Making fields that are often text-based and challenging to read more visually appealing and understandable is possible.

As we all know, engagement is now more significant than ever. The key to today’s lead creation and client retention strategies is to have a connection. Users’ experiences are streamlined, and as a result, enabling you to boost engagement and conversions. 

Like a conventional text-based form field, changes to published custom controls are immediately stored in the cloud.

You have the option to modify forms in Dynamics 365 to meet your unique requirements. Personalize the relevant form by selecting options from the Manage Function tab. 

Export all your customizations into an XML file by selecting the manage icon for quick and simple access.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes the command bar, which many apps use in place of the command ribbon. Even though Outlook still has a command ribbon for list views, the command bar performs far more effectively in terms of usability.

By modifying the customization.xml file, command bars can be tailored to your company’s requirements, making the things you need rapid access to visible in the bar. 

Only the first seven commands are displayed in the command bar, but more commands are readily available by hovering over a flyout menu. Customize your command bar to display your most commonly used commands to optimize and speed up your work operations.

You have the choice to start with a template when designing email messages, customer journeys, segments, etc., within Dynamics 365 Marketing. Although there are numerous sample templates available, most businesses develop their own.

You can save time while doing the task in the future by establishing a frequently used template because you won’t have to start from scratch each time.

The ability to use company branding (logos, colors, etc.) while developing email templates is a distinct benefit that ensures uniformity across all materials.

Together, they synchronize your frequently used applications, enabling you to design workflows uniquely customized for use across several services. With the help of these automated applications, which operate in the cloud, you may have access to the information you require from any internet-enabled device, wherever you are.

In today’s uncertain economic environment, accessing crucial information when and when you need it is no longer a luxury for businesses; it is an imperative need. This makes working remotely incredibly convenient and incorporates it into a clever business continuity plan created to keep your firm functioning no matter what happens.

Wrap up: Get the most out of Dynamics 365

Finally, Dynamics 365 has different modules. Whether you choose basic, marketing, sales or finance, operations, etc., you can choose the one suitable for your business. Then, apply the above tricks and tips to help you easily navigate the software. These tips help you get the most out of D365 and work best around tasks. 

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